Excerpt from Manuscript, Joseph #5

A supremely passive-aggressive letter from an ‘ex-homosexual’ to his former lover, and part of a larger project I wrote earlier this year that’s primarily written in letters.–

Dear Warren,
I got your letter.  Wow, such anger. And fifteen pages of it! It was a lot to take in. I’m sorry it has taken me six months to write you back, since you seem to be in such a difficult place in your life right now. I don’t want to hurt your feelings, but let me break it to you simply; please don’t write to me again. I have been born again, and I think it is imperative that I cut off ties with most of the people from my past. I was a confused young man, and what we did is in the past. I am attracted to women. I have a wife, and she is pregnant with our first child. My wife Jessica is my whole world. I would do anything for her. I have not told her about my past indiscretions, not out of dishonesty, but because I am redeemed in God’s eyes and digging up past sins is simply unnecessary. I can tell you’re hurting, Warren. I always thought you were kind of a lost soul. I reached out to you, and I guess I engaged in some experimentation with you, all of which I deeply regret. And I’m sorry if I led you on and made you believe I was in love with you. I was a messed up kid, Warren.  And I think you’re still a mixed-up confused kid, who has never learned how to be intimate with someone in a healthy and natural way. Enclosed are a few phone numbers of professionals who can get you help. You don’t have to live this way, Warren. Some of the things you said in that letter were kind of hurtful, but I see it as a cry for help. Your urges are treatable. Recovery is possible. I seriously suggest you try turn towards Jesus, Warren, and away from sin. I will always care for you, but my actions were out of confusion, not love. I hope you realize that and will be able to turn a new page in your life.
Best Wishes,
Joseph Mullen

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