Books I Want to Read; Part #134

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  1. Happy Boy by Stephen Elliott
  2. The Life I Lead by Keith Banner
  3. Half the House by Richard Hoffman
  4. A Sense of the Infinite by Hilary T. Smith
  5. The Late Lamented Molly Marx by Sally Koslow
  6. Our Dead Girlfriend by Jon Athan
  7.  Moirae by Mehreen Ahmed
  8. Dancing Lessons for the Advanced in Age by Bohumil Hraba
  9. Famous People by Justin Kuritzkes
  10. A Thousand Morons by Quim Monzo
  11. Owls Do Cry by Janet Frame
  12. On Drinking by Charles Bukowski
  13. My Travels in Ding Yi by Shi Tiesheng
  14. Darke by Rick Gekoski
  15. Every Day is Mother’s Day by Hilary Mantel
  16. The Potential Hazards of Hester Day: A Novel by Mercedes Helnwein
  17. Low Life by Ryan David Jahn
  18. Jaybird by Jaakko Ahonen (READ)
  19. Monkey taming by Judith Fathallah
  20. A Lone Walk by Gul Y. Davis
  21. The Earth Kitchen by Sharon Bryant
  22. The Elected Member by Bernice Rubens
  23. Almost Eden by Anita Horrocks
  24. Listen to the Silence by David W. Elliot
  25. Desperate Measures by Valerie Sherrard
  26. Girl Detached by Manuela Salvi
  27. Tender by Evie Ainsworth
  28. Welcome to the Great Mysterious by Lorna Landvik
  29. Children of Paradise by Fred D’Aguiar
  30. The World in Flames by Jerald Walker
  31. The Shelter Cycle by Peter Rock
  32. When I Had a Little Sister by Catherine Simpson
  33. Our Hearts Will Burn Us Down by Anne Valente
  34. Who Was Oswald Fish? by A.N. Wilson
  35. A Day in the Death of Joe Egg by Peter Nichols
  36. A Sentence of Life by Julian Gulag
  37. Apple of My Eye by Patrick Redmond
  38. Monochrome Days by Cait Irwin
  39. The Manuel of Detection by Jedediah Berry
  40. Children of the Sun by Max Schaefer
  41. The Poor Man’s Guide to Suicide by Andrew Armacost
  42. Bad Blood by Lorna Sage
  43. The Looming Fog by Rosemary Esehagu
  44. The Melting Queen by Bruce Cinnamon
  45. The Cage of Zeus by Sayuri Ueda
  46. Night at the Circus by Angela Carter
  47. The Crow-Girl by Bodil Bredsdorff
  48. The Loop by Ben Oliver
  49. In the Shadow of the Valley: A Memoir by Bobi Conn
  50. City by Alessandro Baricco
  51. Mama’s Boy by David Goudreault

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