Books I Want to Read; Part #167

Summer, by the Book | The New Yorker

  1. DMZ The Deluxe Edition Book One by Brian Wood
  2. DMZ The Deluxe Edition Book Two by Brian Wood
  3. DMZ The Deluxe Edition Book Three by Brian Wood
  4. DMZ The Deluxe Edition Book Four by Brian Wood
  5. DMZ The Deluxe Edition Book Five by Brian Wood
  6. Pandora’s Lab by Paul A. Offit
  7. It Ended Badly: Thirteen of the Worst Breakups in History by Jennifer Wright
  8. The Wild Robot by Peter Brown
  9. The Wild Robot Escapes by Peter Brown
  10. Notes from the Midnight Driver by Jordan Sonnenblick (READ)
  11. Scalped: The Deluxe Edition Book One by Jason Aaron
  12. Scalped: The Deluxe Edition Book Two by Jason Aaron
  13. Scalped: The Deluxe Edition Book Three by Jason Aaron
  14. Scalped: The Deluxe Edition Book Four by Jason Aaron
  15. Scalped: The Deluxe Edition Book Five by Jason Aaron
  16. My Sister Jodie by Jacqueline Wilson
  17. The Suitcase Kid by by Jacqueline Wilson
  18. Vicky Angel by Jacqueline Wilson
  19. The Firework-Maker’s Daughter by Philip Pullman
  20. Katie by Michael McDowell
  21. Blasted by Sarah Kane
  22. Phaedra’s Love by Sarah Kane
  23. The Inner City by Karen Heuler
  24. Wolf, Vol. 1: Blood and Magic by Ales Kot
  25. Wolf, Vol. 2: Apocalypse Soon by Ales Kot
  26. The Auctioneer by Joan Samson
  27. The Amulet by Michael McDowell
  28. Cleansed by Sarah Kane
  29. Tooth and Claw by Jo Walton
  30. A Number of Caryl Churchill
  31. Yen by Anna Jordan (READ)
  32. Jerusalem by Jez Butterworth
  33. Far Away by Caryl Churchill
  34. Disco Pigs by Enda Walsh
  35. Chatroom by Enda Walsh
  36. Girls Like That by Evan Placey
  37. The Fastest Clock in the Universe by Philip Ridley
  38. Anatomy of a Suicide by Alice Birch
  39. 4.48 Psychosis by Sarah Kane
  40. Blackbird by David Harrower
  41. Who Goes There? by John W. Campbell Jr.
  42. The Department of Sensitive Crimes (Detective Varg, #1) by Alexander McCall Smith
  43. The Talented Mr. Varg (Detective Varg, #2) by Alexander McCall Smith
  44. How I Broke Up with My Colon by Nick Seluk
  45. Not Your Idol, Vol. 1 by Aoi Makino
  46. Themes and Variations by David Sedaris
  47. Something is Killing the Children, Vol. 1 by James Tynion IV
  48. Ghosted in L.A., Vol. 1 by Sina Grace
  49. Girls & Boys by Dennis Kelly
  50. Late Company by Jordan Tannahill (READ)
  51. Liminal by Jordan Tannahill
  52. Boy by Anna Ziegler
  53. Pig Girl by Colleen Murphy
  54. Queers: Eight Monologues by Mark Gatiss
  55. Here We Go by Caryl Churchill
  56. Yerma by Simon Stone
  57. Miami in Virgo by Sally Mansfield Abbott
  58. Anxious People by Fredrik Backman
  59. Happy and You Know It by Laura Hankin
  60. Lying to Children by Alex Shahla
  61. The Beast Player (The Beast Player, #1-2) by Nahoko Vehashi
  62. The Talented Miss Farwell: A Novel by Emily Gray Tedrowe
  63. The Wondrous and Tragic Life of Ivan and Ivana by Maryse Conde
  64. Echo on the Bay by Masatsugu Ono
  65. The Story I Am: Mad About the Writing Life by Roger Rosenblatt
  66. Craigslist Confessional: A Collection of Secrets from Anonymous Strangers by Helena Dea Bala
  67. No Rules: A Memoir by Sharon Dukett
  68. The Book of Memory Gaps by Cecilia Ruiz
  69. Grand: A Memoir by Sara Schaefer
  70. Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits by David Wong
  71. The Silence and the Roar by Nihad Sirees
  72. Nina is Not OK by Shappi Khorsandi
  73. Weightless by Sarah Bannan
  74. Paper Aeroplanes by Dawn O’Porter
  75. Goose by Dawn O’Porter
  76. Shotgun Lovesongs by Nickolas Butler
  77. Little Faith by Nickolas Butler
  78. Hotel Iris by Yoko Ogawa
  79. Blue Marlin by Lee Smith
  80. The Redshirt by Corey Sobel
  81. Polar Vortex by Shani Mootoo
  82. Twenty-One Truths About Love by Matthew Dicks

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