Books I Want to Read; Part #213

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  1. Alice, I Think by Susan Juby
  2. Miss Smithers by Susan Juby
  3. Alice MacLeod, Realist at Last by Susan Juby
  4. The Best Place to Live is the Ceiling by Barbara Wersba
  5. 3 NBs of Julian Drew by James M. Deem (READ)
  6. Bi-Normal by M.G. Higgins
  7. Doormat by Kelly McWilliams
  8. The Art of Falling by Kathryn Craft
  9. Brother’s Keeper by Julie Lee
  10. Erased, Volume 1 by Kei Sanbe
  11. A Loss for Words by Lou Ann Walker
  12. The Search for Belle Prater by Ruth White
  13. Buttermilk Hill by Ruth White
  14. Way Down Deep by Ruth White
  15. The Treasure of Way Down Deep by Ruth White
  16. White Rose by Kip Wilson
  17. The Tunnels Below by Nadine Wild-Palmer
  18. A Lonely Girl is a Dangerous Thing by Jessie Tu
  19. Ladivine by Marie NDiaye
  20. The Children of Red Peak by Craig DiLouie
  21. The Man from Milwaukee by Rick R. Reed
  22. Sorry I’m Late, I Didn’t Want to Come by Jessica Pan
  23. A Girl Called Owl by Amy Wilson
  24. The Anything Box by Zenna Henderson
  25. Security by Gina Wohlsdorf
  26. Either You’re In or You’re In the Way by Logan Miller
  27. Nerd Do Well by Simon Pegg
  28. Granny Torrelli Makes Soup by Sharon Creech
  29. Sarah Bishop by Scott O’Dell
  30. The Snow Fell Three Graves Deep by Allan Wolf
  31. Another Country by James Baldwin
  32. The Amen Corner by James Baldwin
  33. Tell Me How Long the Train’s Been Gone by James Baldwin
  34. No Name in the Street by James Baldwin
  35. Just Above My Head by James Baldwin
  36. The Boy Who Saw in Colours by Lauren Robinson
  37. The Balcony by Jean Genet
  38. Lara’s Gift by Annemarie O’Brien
  39. Intimate Apparel by Lynn Nottage
  40. Becoming Naomi Leon by Pam Munoz Ryan
  41. The Red Leather Diary by Lily Koppel
  42. Honeybee: Poems and Short Prose by Naomi Shihab Nye
  43. The Book of Atlantis Black by Betsy Bonner
  44. Beyond Me by Annie Donwerth-Chikamatsu
  45. Somewhere Among by Annie Donwerth-Chikamatsu
  46. The Resurrection of Fulgencio Ramirez by Rudy Ruiz
  47. Rough Animals by Rae Del Blanco
  48. Shepherd by Catherine Jinks
  49. This Little Family by Ines Bayard
  50. Absolution by Regina Buttner

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