Drax the Destroyer

I decided to take a break from the usual bibliophile stuff to write a post about my cute dog. Cutting-edge, huh? The photo I picked is a ‘glamour’ shot of Drax my dad recently did. My younger sister got Drax’s brother Cole, who was originally ‘Ronan’ (all the puppies in the litter had Guardians of the Galaxy-themed names.) Drax stayed Drax. I briefly considered choosing a different name but I think it really suits him. He might not be as stupid as that character but he is certainly as bull-headed.

None of us know what breed these two boys are, but a veterinarian suggested they might be half-brothers. This seems absolutely bizarre (they’re from the same litter, after all) but in some cases after being inseminated a female dog will have a litter of puppies with different fathers. This seems to be the case, since they barely even look like the same breed. Drax is big, bulky, and has stunningly brought blue eyes (what my Dad calls his ‘Paul Newman’ eyes.)

He has a broad flat head like a pit bull, while Cole is about 1/3 Drax’s size and has typical chocolate brown eyes and a narrow little terrier face. Weird, right? Like I said before, Drax is one of most stubborn dogs I ever met. He’s still basically a puppy but he has that gangly adolescent quality, with skin that hangs off him like an ill-fitting costume. He is also incredibly loving and affectionate and has shown no signs of aggression with either animals or people. It’s so hard to stay mad at him which is kind of his superpower because he’s in trouble a lot.

Luckily we adopted them before COVID-19 hit but it’s also put a damper on their training and socialization. Drax’s favorite things include plastic bottles (because of the crinkling sound they make,) Just about any squeaky toy, and car rides. Despite the mischief he causes he’s been a great comfort to me since my last dog Leah passed away. He cuddles with me on the bed every night and always seems genuinely happy to see me, which is a quality dogs have that humans somewhat lack.

Dogs can make you feel like the most important person in the world and it’s funny to watch how easily entertained they are. They’re like little kids that way. So, thanks for reading my rambling dog mom post and feel free to post pictures of your own fur babies or tell me a little about them. I’d also love to hear about your cats, hamsters, turtles, ferrets, parakeets, and pet rocks. Just get the conversation going! 🙂 See you next time.

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