Book Review: Hand to God by Robert Askins

Hand to God: A Play by Robert Askins, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

Title: Hand to God

Author: Robert Askins

Genre: Plays

Number of Pages: 96

Rating: F

Recommended?: No

I’m all for a good satire of organized religion, but this is about as meaningful as an episode of South Park. Seriously, the only reason I finished reading this is because it was so short. It was like one unfunny joke stretched into an entire play. The main character is a teenage boy with a bible-thumper mom who creates a puppet that begins to violently act out on the characters’ repressed urges.

First it’s merely mean-spirited and foul-mouthed, but one things leads to another and it ends up biting off somebody’s ear and engaging in sex acts with a girl puppet. The main character’s mom is having sex with a teenage boy, which is gross and handled way more casually than if the genders were reversed. The play mostly consists of the puppet going apeshit and showing the fucked-up religious people they’re fucked up. I can’t believe I wasted money for this on Kindle.

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