Book Review: Such Small Hands by Andres Barba

Such Small Hands: Barba, Andrés, Dillman, Lisa, White, Edmund:  9781945492006: Books

Title: Such Small Hands

Author: Andres Barba

Genre: Literary Fiction

Number of Pages: 108

Rating: C+’

Recommended?: No

This book was weird. I can’t deny it has some literary merit but I didn’t enjoy it. I expected it to have a supernatural theme but instead I got story about the depraved actions of some creepy little girls in an orphanage. There was no character development and I felt the writing was overly flowery and confusing.

There were no characters to relate to or even understand, it was pure cringe factor. I might not have even finished it if it wasn’t such a short book. I liked the writer’s imagination (disturbing though it was) but because of the writing style I found it pretentious and boring.


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