Book Review: The Dollhouse Family by M.R. Carey

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Title: The Dollhouse Family

Author: M.R. Carey

Illustrator(s); Peter Gross & Vince Locke

Genre: Horror Graphic Novel

Number of Pages: 144

Rating: B+

Recommended?: Yes

I didn’t find this graphic novel as memorable as the last book I read by M.R. Carey, The Girl With All the Gifts, but I still really enjoyed it. It was just the right amount of creepy and nutty and chock-full of skin crawling imagery. It tells the deeply peculiar story of a little girl living in a violent household who becomes the owner of a dollhouse with unearthly abilities.

One of my favorite things about this book was the artwork; the characters were distinctive and the messed up body-horror scenes were really uncomfortable and stuck with me. The story is a little confusing at times but it held my attention and I became invested enough in the fate of the main character that I cared what happened to her. I would actually like to see a sequel or companion to this.


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