Book Review: Finna (LitenVerse #1) by Nino Cipri Finna eBook: Cipri, Nino: Kindle Store

Title: Finna

Author: Nino Cipri

Series: LitenVerse (#1)

Genre: Sci-Fi Novella

Number of Pages: 144

Rating: B+

Recommended? Yes

This book was a wild ride, and I had a lot of fun reading it. It was basically about a young woman named Ava who, along with her non-binary ex Jules, gets stuck in a wormhole in an IKEA-like store and travels the multiverse looking for a missing elderly customer. As they jump through a series of dimensions, Jules and Ava reexamine their relationships and their lingering feelings for each other. Out of the two characters, Jules was the more relatable one because they really got into the adventure and the uniqueness of the worlds they were exploring. Ava had depression and anxiety, but she kind of felt like a whiner.

I did wonder how these two could be discussing their relationship in this situation, with death around every corner. She seemed more inconvenienced by being sent on a mission with Jules than excited about traveling through the multiverse. I loved the world-building, and how I had no idea what they were going to run into next. It made for an immersive and satisfying experience because nothing was predictable.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the open-ended ending (an obvious opening for a sequel) because I don’t like having the wait for another book for a major plotline to be resolved. Overall, I thought this book did a good job of combining character development and fast-paced action sequences. I was surprised that I got to know the two main characters pretty well considering how short the book is. I wish I didn’t have to wait for the sequel to come out, because I want to know what happens to Jules and Ava next.

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