Books I Want to Read; Part #272

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  1. When I Forgot by Elena Hirvonen
  2. This Is How We Are Human by Louise Beech
  3. Yes, Daddy by Jonathan Parks-Ramage
  4. Belzebubs by J.P. Ahonen
  5. Running on Red Dog Road by Drema Hall Berkheimer
  6. Frozen Beauty by Lexa Hillyar
  7. Girls on the Line by Jennie Liu
  8. King of the Flies Vol. 1: Hallorave by Mezzo
  9. Hey Ladies! by Michelle Markowitz
  10. Who Are You? by Anna Kavan
  11. The Dead Lake by Hamid Ismailov
  12. Still Life by Sarah Winman
  13. The Audacity of Sara Grayson by Joani Elliot
  14. The Maid by Nita Prose
  15. The Music of Bees by Eileen Garvin
  16. Fedor by Brant Vickers
  17. I Am Margaret Moore by Hannah Capin
  18. What We Carry by Kayln Fogarty
  19. Jude Banks, Superhero by Ann Hood
  20. Thirteen Storeys by Jonathan Sims
  21. The Night Where No One Had Sex by Kalena Miller
  22. The Lover’s Dictionary by David Levithan
  23. Love is the Higher Law by David Levithan
  24. How They Met and Other Stories by David Levithan
  25. 19 Love Songs by David Levithan
  26. Bodies of Light by Sarah Moss
  27. Signs for Lost Children by Sarah Moss
  28. Cold Earth by Sarah Moss
  29. The Hunter by Asa Nonami
  30. Dirt Music by Tim Winton
  31. The Turning by Tim Winton
  32. Blueback by Tim Winton
  33. That Eye, the Sky by Tim Winton (READ)
  34. The Boy Behind the Curtain by Tim Winton
  35. Minimum of Two by Tim Winton
  36. An Open Swimmer by Tim Winton
  37. Land’s Edge by Tim Winton
  38. The Lake of Dead Languages by Carol Goodman
  39. Black Chalk by Christopher J. Yates
  40. The Ghost Notebooks by Ben Dolnick
  41. What Comes Next by Rob Buyea
  42. Out of My Heart by Sharon M. Draper
  43. Sublime: $5 at the Door by Ryan Cady
  44. No One Else by R. Kikuo Johnson
  45. Hot Stew by Fiona Mozley
  46. Wolf Play by Hansol Jung
  47. The Law of Gravity by Olivier Sylvestre
  48. The Kingdom’s Sandcastle by Luai Qubain
  49. A Door Behind a Door by Yelena Moskovich
  50. Burning the Night by Glen Huser

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