Books I Want to Read; Part #277

The library mouse by dh6art on deviantART | Book art, Reading art, I love  books
Illustration by dasidaria-art on Deviantart
  1. Rhubarb by Craig Silvey
  2. Olly’s Prison by Edward Bond
  3. Underneath by Pat Kinevane
  4. Alaska by D.C. Moore
  5. Harrogate by Al Smith
  6. Mainstream by Rosaleen McDonagh
  7. Foxes by Dexter Flanders
  8. Piranha Heights by Philip Ridley
  9. After the Accident by Julian Armitstead
  10. The Mother and the Father by Florian Zeller
  11. The Son by Florian Zeller
  12. Cruise by Jack Holden
  13. Identity Interrupted by Meriam Rodriguez
  14. The Origins of Iris by Beth Lewis
  15. Yerba Buena by Nina LaCour
  16. Reprieve by James Han Mattson
  17. Defenestrate by Renee Branum
  18. The First Day of Spring by Nancy Tucker
  19. Od and Ed by Shanti Leonard
  20. River, Sing Out by James Wade
  21. Boston Adventure by Jean Stafford
  22. Between the Lighthouse and You by Michelle Lee
  23. Missing Okalee by Laura Ojeda Melchor
  24. Sunshine by Jarrett J. Krosoczka
  25. Sorry for Your Loss by Joanne Levy
  26. The Ice House by Monica Sherwood
  27. What About Will by Ellen Hopkins (READ)
  28. The Thing I’m Most Afraid of by Kristin Levine
  29. The Graveyard Riddle by Lisa Thompson
  30. My Own World by Mike Holmes
  31. Linked by Gordon Korman
  32. The Rooftop by Fernanda Trias
  33. Urban Tails by Ilana Zeffren
  34. 100 Remarkable Feats of Xander Maze by Clayton Zane Comber
  35. The Last Beautiful Girl by Nina Laurin
  36. He Loves Me Not by Nenia Corcoran
  37. Ophelia After All by Racquel Marie
  38. Manhunt by Gretchen Felker-Martin
  39. The Forgotten Memories of Vera Glass by Anna Priemaza
  40. Tell It True by Tim Lockette
  41. Catch the Light by Kate Sweeney
  42. The Perfect Other: A Memoir of My Sister by Kyleigh Leddy
  43. My Mother, Munchausen’s, and Me by Helen Naylor
  44. Every Time a Rainbow Dies by Rita Williams-Garcia
  45. The World Gives Way by Marissa Levien
  46. The Mike File by Stephen Trimble
  47. The Devil You Know by Gwen Adshead
  48. The Book of Timothy by Joan Nockels Wilson
  49. The Sensitive One by Susan Frances Morris
  50. Mother, Can You Hear Me Now? by Rhonda Voigts
  51. The Unravelling by Donna Besel
  52. Dancing With the Octopus by Debora Harding
  53. I Keep Trying to Catch His Eye by Ivan Maisel
  54. Survivor: A Memoir of Forgiveness by Cynthia Toolin-Wilson

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