Book Review: But you don’t look autistic at all by Bianca Toeps

But you don't look autistic at all: Toeps, Bianca, MacCorquodale-Smith,  Fay: 9789090334172: Books

Title: But you don’t look autistic

Author: Bianca Toeps

Genre: Memoirs

Number of Pages: 224

Rating: B+

Recommended?: Yes

I’ve read ASD memoirs by John Elder Robison, Naoki Higashida, Tim Page, and Michael McCreary (his book has a very similar title to this one) but until I read this book Nobody Nowhere was the only memoir I’d read by a woman on the spectrum. But you don’t look autistic by Dutch author Bianca Toeps starts out slow with a lot of information I already knew about, but it becomes really interesting when she starts to talk about her life. Toeps had a lot of issues growing up that she didn’t have a name for.

She became overstimulated easily, had intense obsessions (Disney and Japan, mostly), and developed an eating disorder as a teen because of her problems with anxiety. When she was diagnosed with autism the reasons for some of her issues came to life, but some people didn’t believe she was autistic because she wasn’t one of the severe cases whose indicators are all over the place. Having autism didn’t stop her from getting into modeling and having a fulfilling life, even though she still has make differences in her lifestyle to accommodate her autism.

I didn’t always agree with this writer about everything she said but she always had a solid reason behind all the statements she made. I found myself relating to her (I have Asperger’s) and she touched on a lot of interesting subjects, as well as adding chapters from the perspectives of several other people with ASD. One of the things I liked about this book was it was extremely specific- she gave an honest analysis on what worked for her and what didn’t, and it also went into popular misconceptions about autism that are frustrating for her and other people who live with the condition. She also taught me some new things, so even though I already knew about most of the info she provided she elaborated on a few subjects I knew little about. It was one of those books that’s both emotionally affecting and informative and I think it’s a good read for anyone interested in life on the spectrum.

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