Book Review: The Bobbything by Yuri Storasi

The Bobbything: Storasi, Yuri: 9781471000164: Books

Title: The Bobbything

Author: Yuri Storasi

Genre: Horror Novella

Number of Pages: 52

Rating: B-

Recommended?: Yes

Trigger Warning(s): Child Torture, Pedophilia

The Bobbything is a dark, disturbing little piece of work that reimagines the theme of the victim becoming the aggressor in an fresh and interesting way. Philip is a little boy who is abducted by ‘Uncle Bob’ and subjected to prolonged sexual torture. When he gets older and finally gets the upper hand with his abuser, he decides to get revenge for the unimaginable pain he’s been through.

Part of Philip wants to leave the isolated house where he’s been kept for years and find his mom and dad, but can he ever go back to having a normal life? After what this man has done to him by, suffering is the only thing Philip really knows. I read this story on Kindle one night, even though I probably should have listened to the audiobook so I could enjoy Malcolm McDowell’s narration.

This is a very well-written story and supremely uncomfortable to read. I thought the whole premise sort of strained credulity- Philip is a (probably malnourished) thirteen-year-old child and somehow he’s able to move his heavyset captor’s unconscious body and tie him securely?- and that’s why I didn’t give it a higher rating, but I would still recommend it to readers with a taste for books that are fucked-up and deal with taboo subject matter.

Because of the lack of parents, friends, or law enforcement officials in the story, the reader is left with a complete feeling of isolation and you get a good sense of the helplessness and terror Philip experiences. Only three or four characters actually appear in the book which adds to an uncanny, almost otherworldly feeling the author creates using sparse and straightforward prose. It’s weird to read this and think about similar cases that have actually happened, and it allows you a little bit of understanding into what might turn a person into a torturer/murderer. The ending offers a little bit of hope in a story otherwise filled with overwhelming bleakness.

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