Books I Want to Read; Part #293

Animals Dog With Glasses Reading A Book - Free Diamond Painting And  Painting With Diamonds From Amazon
  1. The Bar Harbor Retirement Home for Famous Writers by Terri-Lynne DeFino
  2. Hide the Elephant by Jonathan Dunne
  3. Natural Order by Brian Francis
  4. Daphne by Josh Malerman
  5. The Waitress Was New by Dominique Fabre
  6. Childhood by Patrick Chamoiseau
  7. Voice Over by Celine Curiol
  8. Cliffs by Olivier Adam
  9. Camera by Jean-Philippe Toussaint
  10. Fuzzy Nation by John Scalzi
  11. Let the Monster Out by Chad Lucas
  12. The Beans of Egypt, Maine by Carolyn Chute
  13. Brighten the Corner Where You Are by Fred Chappell
  14. Each Vagabond by Name by Margo Orlando Littell
  15. Eight Bullets by Claudia Brenner
  16. Waiting for the Call by Jacqueline Taylor
  17. Angel’s Rest by Charles Davis
  18. Mother Land by Linda Parsons Marion
  19. Shelter by Susan Palwick
  20. Mending the Moon by Susan Palwick
  21. The Necessary Begger by Susan Palwick
  22. I Kissed Shara Wheeler by Casey McQuinston
  23. Plain Bad Heroines by Emily M. Danforth
  24. Teratologist by Edward Lee
  25. The Solace of Leaving Early by Haven Kimmel
  26. 300 Things I Hope by Iain S. Thomas
  27. The Gnome Stories by Ander Monson
  28. White Horse by Alex Adams
  29. Nightshift by Kiare Ladner
  30. Boom by Jean Tay
  31. Indignities of the Flesh by Bentley Little
  32. Anthem by Noah Hawley
  33. What It Feels Like for a Girl by Paris Lees
  34. Orange World and Other Stories by Karen Russell
  35. Jedi Summer: With the Magnet Kid by John Boden
  36. Spungunion by John Boden
  37. Walk the Darkness Down by John Boden
  38. Wallflower by Chad Lutzke
  39. Skullface Boy by Chad Lutzke
  40. Slow Burn on Riverside by Chad Lutzke
  41. Wormwood by Chad Lutzke
  42. Daisy Darker by Alice Feeney
  43. Left to You by Daniel J. Volpe
  44. Pillowface by Kristopher Rufty
  45. Saint Sadist by Lucas Mangum
  46. My Heart Hemmed In by Marie NDiaye
  47. Lapvona by Ottessa Moshfegh
  48. The Petting Zoos by K.S. Covert
  49. Notes on an Execution by Danya Kukafka
  50. All the Lovers in the Night by Mieko Kawakami

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