Book Review: The Laws of the Skies by Gregoire Courtois

Title: The Laws of the Skies

Author: Gregoire Curtois

Genre: Horror

Number of Pages: 160

Rating: F

Recommended?: No!

Wow. This book is pretentious, edgelord garbage. It’s less than 200 pages long but it felt more like 1,000 pages with the overwritten prose and painful attempts to be ‘profound’ in its ultra-violent, pointless nihilism. A bunch of six-year-olds go on a camping trip with their teacher but things fall apart gruesomely when one of the kids turns out to be some kind of evil genius serial killer.

Try to imagine a six-year-old beating a grown ass adult’s head in with a rock (to the point where there are brains splattered all over the tent) and then hunting down the other tykes with calm detachment like the antagonist from ‘The Most Dangerous Game.’ Yeah, it’s that ridiculous.

I have no doubt it’s supposed to be ‘transgressive’ and ‘disturbing’ but I just kept rolling my eyes and waiting for the pain to end. I was expecting it to have more of a supernatural theme (it’s made clear from the beginning that none of the children make it,) but it’s more of just a contrived series of unfortunate events with characters dying from poisoning, car accidents, and drowning while the tiny Freddy Krueger goes around picking people off.

People who, like me, were hoping for something of the quality of something like Lord of the Flies will be sadly mistaken should they choose to pick up this steaming turd. The author can’t write six-year-olds to save his life. The scenes that try to capture their viewpoint amid the chaos are ludicrous. Nobody talks like this, let alone a bunch of first graders.

At the end of this book, I felt immeasurable relief and a weird sort of privilege that I’d never again (God willing) read a book that has a 10+ page scene of a six-year-old getting his face ripped off by a wild boar. Yikes.

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