Drax the Wonder Boy

This is my dog Drax.

He’s two years old and his brother Cole is my sister’s dog. Appearance-wise, Drax and Cole are uncannily different. While Cole is small with brown eyes with a pointed terrier face, Drax has bright blue eyes and a broad pit bull head. And he’s almost 100 lbs.

Apparently despite being in the same litter, Drax and Cole might have different fathers. While Cole is shy and tentative, Drax lives up to the Guardians of the Galaxy character he’s named after. He’s brash, extremely extroverted and isn’t afraid of anyone or anything.

Yesterday he jumped out of his enclosure and walked into our neighbor’s house before trying to get into his garbage and playing with his dog. Luckily our neighbor was really nice about it but in a different situation Drax could get himself hurt.

He’s sweet and affectionate (with a love of cuddles, scratches, and all bottles that make crinkling noises) but he’s so stubborn and has to be supervised 24/7 when he’s in a room where there’s stuff he can get into. I just hope he starts winding down in the near future and becomes a little more manageable. And, y’know, stops breaking into neighbor’s houses.

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