Book Review: We Don’t Talk About Her by Andersen Prunty

Title: We Don’t Talk About Her

Author: Andersen Prunty

Genre: Horror Short Story

Number of Pages: 49

Rating: C+

Recommended?: No

Clint is an unhinged psycho who is literally sleeping with his dead mother. He has her rotting corpse in his house and he’s… having sex with it. He has the behaviors and social skills that you would expect from such a man. He’s also obsessed with Stella, a barista who’s made it her life goal to manipulate middle-aged losers into sugar-daddy relationships.

She’s so good at what she does she doesn’t even have to have sex with them, she just keeps them going and toys with them for as long as she can. Depravity ensues when Stella follows Clint back to his house and meets mom. We Don’t Talk About Her is a grotesque oddity and even though I admired its audacity in some ways, I find it hard to recommend it.

It’s just so gross for the sake of being gross and the storyline made me go WTF?! And not in a good way. I thought it was especially weird that Stella was so unfazed by finding the corpse of Clint’s mother. I get that she was supposed to be a psychopath too but that made her character slightly unbelievable to me.

I wasn’t crazy about this book but if somebody wants to read something that’s short and off-the-rails insane I wouldn’t dissuade them from this either. It’s like watching a car crash and even though it doesn’t quite justify its existence it isn’t totally terrible either. I might read something else by Andersen Prunty if I was in a certain kind of mood and it was short.

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