Book Review: Mama’s Boy by David Goudrealt

Title: Mama’s Boy

Series: (Mama’s Boy, #1)

Author: David Goudreault

Genre: Psychological Fiction

Number of Pages: 220

Rating: B+

Recommended?: Yes


A book so disturbing that the previous owner of the copy I bought online wrote trigger warnings in pencil on the inside. Mama’s Boy is told from chaotic and sometimes darkly humorous perspective of an unnamed sociopath searching for his mother. He spent most of his childhood in foster care, his mom being an unfit parent- My mother was always committing suicide, the story begins.

The ‘protagonist’ (I’m not sure if that word actually fits this character, but ‘anti-hero’ seems a bit too generous too,) while vile, is a dynamic and singular presence, like all the best villains. He seems to think he knows everything, especially about women. I don’t think there’s any insulting generalization about the female gender this guy hasn’t made. He often punctuates his myriad rants with the catchphrase, “It is well documented.”

I hated him but I felt a little bad for him when he persisted in the childlike delusion that his mom actually wanted him. While this book is well-written, the subject was so repellant that it made me recoil at times. Definitely not a book for cat lovers! Part of me wants to read the rest of the books in the series but another part isn’t sure I want to spend more time in this guy’s head. Some of the humor comes from how little self-awareness he seems to have, even though he’s fairly bright.

He’s always trying to explain and justify himself to the reader in ridiculous ways. It reminded me a little bit of The Wasp Factory. My takeaways from this book were a) it’s scary to think to think guys like this actually exist and b) so apparently Canada has human trash bags too. Well, I already knew that from Trailer Park Boys. I hesitate to recommend this to most people, but it will hold appeal for people who ‘enjoy’ (wrong word?) ‘Getting into the mind of a psychopath’ type books.


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