Charlotte ‘Charlie’ Finch

An idealistic 12-year-old girl who tries to intervene in her underage brother’s sexual relationship with a older, married woman. Charlotte’s mother committed suicide, and her father is a hot-tempered drinker, leaving her to traverse her adolescence more or less by herself.

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Dwight Pritchard


Dwight Pritchard is a developmentally disabled man in a small town, white trash community who has a lot of repressed anger and a highly uncomfortable relationship with his burnt out, white trash mother. Dwight has violent tendencies and is very devoted to his mother, but has little loyalty to anyone else.

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Hazel Cowell

Hazel Cowell is Warren’s mother. She lives in a retirement facility and frequently meddles with her gay alcoholic son’s affairs. Hazel is gentle and a little bit eccentric, and was trapped for years in an psychologically and physically abusive marriage. Hazel never got a chance to be her own woman, and in a way she’s living out her youth again.

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Joseph Mullen

Joseph Mullen is Warren’s ex-lover. More attractive than Warren by far, and more traditionally masculine, Joseph can be caring but also has a tendency for glibness and emotional shallowness. After his mother’s death, Joseph goes through conversion therapy and marries an unsuspecting young woman, fathering two young girls.

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Teddy Finch


Teddy is Charlotte’s 15-year-old brother. He is depressive and rarely thinks before he acts, leading to some serious problems for him and his family. Teddy is obsessed with music and changes his favorite band regularly, he also likes to write short stories.

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Warren Cowell

Warren Cowell is a socially awkward gay alcoholic with shitload of mental health issues  and personal trauma. He’d like to find a partner who accepts him for who he is, but Warren’s behavior turns people off, and he mostly keeps to himself, consumed by his own private obsessions. Warren probably has Asperger’s Syndrome, but he is never officially diagnosed.

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