Short Story: 10 Years by Sarah W.

Another story about my character Warren Cowell. This one is set in 1994 when he’s celebrating his tenth birthday with his crazy family, awaiting that arrival of classmates that don’t really seem to like him or understand his offbeat behavior. If you want more stories about this character there are dozens on this blog, but two of the more recent ones are here and here.

Trigger Warning(s): Domestic abuse, child abuse

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Short Story: The Memory Eater by Sarah W.

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A lonely sad sack finds his home occupied by a demoness with an unusual proposition. This is a psychological horror story I wrote a few days ago, make sure to comment and tell me what you think! 🙂

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Another Vignette: Parker (Age 13)

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This is another scene from one of my manuscripts, the project is a epistolary novel made up of emails exchanged between Libby, a college dropout, and a 13-year-old boy with Asperger’s named Parker (for a scene focusing on Libby, click here.) I myself have Asperger’s and I put some of my own experiences into the character.

First Parker Vignette here

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Short Story: Weirdo by Sarah W.

You are not mentally ill. One of the great media myths of the… | by Brendan  O'Neill | Medium

Like my story With Families Like These…, this about a character from one of my manuscripts when he was younger. The character in this story, Danny, is in his early 20’s in the manuscript but here he’s 14-year-old outsider suffering from undiagnosed mental issues. I know this is a little on a long side but feedback and comments would be much appreciated. 🙂

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Short Story: With Families Like These… by Sarah W.

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Hello all! This is a short story written by me the centers around the protagonist of a manuscript I wrote. In the manuscript he’s in his 30’s so obviously a lot has changed in his life but I decided to try writing about him as a 12-year-old. With Families Like These… is set on Thanksgiving and is narrated by a smart but socially awkward and sexually ambiguous boy trying to survive the holiday season. I’d be thrilled if anybody would take the time to read this and share their thoughts.

Trigger Warning: Verbal Abuse, Bullying, Self-Injury, Homophobia

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My Greatest Weakness… (Joke Post)

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My mom has worked for all of my life, but soon she’s going to have to go through her first official job interview in twenty years. She’s obviously really nervous about it and somehow one of the people conducting the interview being someone she knows is stressing her out even more. Today I was joking to her about the interview questions that are asked 99% of the time in these situations and particularly one of interviewer’s favorite questions… what do you consider your greatest weakness? So on a whim I decided to come up with some of the worst answers to that question possible.

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