Game: Guess the Movie/TV Show

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Hi all! I decided to put together a quiz where I post photos of some of my favorite movies and TV shows. The first block is easy, and the second block is harder. Give your best guesses (you can guess on some and not others, just number them) in the comments and I’ll tell you how many you got right (but I won’t tell you which ones so I don’t spoil the game for other players.)

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Another Vignette: Parker (Age 13)

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This is another scene from one of my manuscripts, the project is a epistolary novel made up of emails exchanged between Libby, a college dropout, and a 13-year-old boy with Asperger’s named Parker (for a scene focusing on Libby, click here.) I myself have Asperger’s and I put some of my own experiences into the character.

First Parker Vignette here

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