Another Vignette: Parker (Age 13)

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This is another scene from one of my manuscripts, the project is a epistolary novel made up of emails exchanged between Libby, a college dropout, and a 13-year-old boy with Asperger’s named Parker (for a scene focusing on Libby, click here.) I myself have Asperger’s and I put some of my own experiences into the character.

First Parker Vignette here

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Short Story: Vampire Boy by Sarah W.

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Note: This story is not fantasy/horror. It’s another realistic vignette following the childhood experiences of Warren Cowell, a character I wrote who’s 34 in the main manuscript but 13 in this story. This is set on Halloween (because I’m just feeling out-of-season) and portrays an oddball kid in good ol’ dysfunctional suburbia, circa 1997. There is some non-PC language which is meant for the purpose of realism and doesn’t reflect the feelings of the writer.

More recent stories about this character- Toxicity, With Families Like These

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Short Story: Weirdo by Sarah W.

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Like my story With Families Like These…, this about a character from one of my manuscripts when he was younger. The character in this story, Danny, is in his early 20’s in the manuscript but here he’s 14-year-old outsider suffering from undiagnosed mental issues. I know this is a little on a long side but feedback and comments would be much appreciated. 🙂

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Daycare: A Short Story

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This story is based on one of the very first dreams I can remember having, a nightmare from when I was probably about four. I replaced myself as a toddler with a little boy named Jonathan, but the I tried to capture the feeling of helplessness and of being ignored by adults who dismissed my fear (which in the nightmare, was obviously warranted) as being a child’s ridiculous antics. The story is a bit horror-ish, but it’s more about the fears and insecurities of childhood.

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Excerpt from Manuscript; Hazel #3

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As always, you can read this story without reading #1 or #2 and still get the gist. In this short excerpt from the latest manuscript I finished, a woman struggles with the day-to-day dramas of raising her two kids with little to no help from her abusive husband. Her son is probably mildly on the autistic spectrum, but he grew up before kids started getting diagnosed like crazy so he’s merely considered to be ‘odd.’-

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Excerpt from Manuscript; Hazel #2

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TW: Bullying and sexual harassment

You don’t have to read my first story about this character to understand the new one, and they’re set about twenty years apart.  However, if you do want to read the first one I posted, click HERE. In this short excerpt, a middle-aged, pious woman goes all mother bear when she feels her oddball son is being mistreated at school. If anybody reads this, I hope they like it and I’d love to hear what they think! 🙂

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