Excerpt from Manuscript; Hazel #3

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As always, you can read this story without reading #1 or #2 and still get the gist. In this short excerpt from the latest manuscript I finished, a woman struggles with the day-to-day dramas of raising her two kids with little to no help from her abusive husband. Her son is probably mildly on the autistic spectrum, but he grew up before kids started getting diagnosed like crazy so he’s merely considered to be ‘odd.’-

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Excerpt from Manuscript; Hazel #2

I got this sketch HERE


TW: Bullying and sexual harassment

You don’t have to read my first story about this character to understand the new one, and they’re set about twenty years apart.  However, if you do want to read the first one I posted, click HERE. In this short excerpt, a middle-aged, pious woman goes all mother bear when she feels her oddball son is being mistreated at school. If anybody reads this, I hope they like it and I’d love to hear what they think! 🙂

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Excerpt From Manuscript; Jack #1


Painting of pencil stub by Paul Hutchinson. You can check out his other artworks HERE.


Here are two chapters of a project I started from the POV of a mental patient with memory loss who believes he is being ‘brainwashed’ by the staff of the mental facility where he has been committed. It’s not supposed to be an extremely literal portrayal of mental illness or institutionalization, it’s just for fun. It’s also my opportunity to try writing an unreliable narrator. Enjoy! 🙂

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