Book Review: Teeny Little Grief Machines by Linda Oatman High Teeny Little Grief Machines (Gravel Road) (9781622508839):  Linda Oatman High: Books

Title: Teeny Little Grief Machines

Author: Linda Oatman High

Genre: YA Realistic Fiction/Books in Verse

Number of Pages: 243

Rating: D

Recommended?: No

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Short Story: Vampire Boy by Sarah W.

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Note: This story is not fantasy/horror. It’s another realistic vignette following the childhood experiences of Warren Cowell, a character I wrote who’s 34 in the main manuscript but 13 in this story. This is set on Halloween (because I’m just feeling out-of-season) and portrays an oddball kid in good ol’ dysfunctional suburbia, circa 1997. There is some non-PC language which is meant for the purpose of realism and doesn’t reflect the feelings of the writer.

More recent stories about this character- Toxicity, With Families Like These

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