Short Story: The Memory Eater by Sarah W.

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A lonely sad sack finds his home occupied by a demoness with an unusual proposition. This is a psychological horror story I wrote a few days ago, make sure to comment and tell me what you think! 🙂

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Short Story: Vampire Boy by Sarah W.

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Note: This story is not fantasy/horror. It’s another realistic vignette following the childhood experiences of Warren Cowell, a character I wrote who’s 34 in the main manuscript but 13 in this story. This is set on Halloween (because I’m just feeling out-of-season) and portrays an oddball kid in good ol’ dysfunctional suburbia, circa 1997. There is some non-PC language which is meant for the purpose of realism and doesn’t reflect the feelings of the writer.

More recent stories about this character- Toxicity, With Families Like These

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Short Story: With Families Like These… by Sarah W.

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Hello all! This is a short story written by me the centers around the protagonist of a manuscript I wrote. In the manuscript he’s in his 30’s so obviously a lot has changed in his life but I decided to try writing about him as a 12-year-old. With Families Like These… is set on Thanksgiving and is narrated by a smart but socially awkward and sexually ambiguous boy trying to survive the holiday season. I’d be thrilled if anybody would take the time to read this and share their thoughts.

Trigger Warning: Verbal Abuse, Bullying, Self-Injury, Homophobia

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