Books I Want to Read; Part #33

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  1. The Wall by Marlen Haushofer
  2. The Children’s Book by A.S. Byatt
  3. Giles Goat-Boy by John Barth
  4. Hold Still by Nina LaCour
  5. Everything Leads to You by Nina LaCour
  6. Adele: A Novel by Leila Slimani
  7. Whisper Me This: A Novel by Kerry Anne King
  8. The Quiet You Carry by Nikki Barthelmess
  9. The Echo Maker: A Novel by Richard Powers
  10. The Devoted: A Novel by Blair Hurley
  11. The Master and the Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov
  12. 1914: A Novel by Jean Echenoz
  13. Waylaid by Ed Lin
  14. Elevation by Stephen King
  15. The Demon: A Novel by Hubert Selby Jr.
  16. Last Exit to Brooklyn by Hubert Selby Jr.
  17. Object Lessons: A Novel by Anna Quindlen
  18. No Beast So Fierce by Edward Bunker
  19. Animal Factory: A Novel by Edward Bunker
  20. This is Kind of an Epic Love Story by Kheryn Callender
  21. I Wish You All the Best by Mason Deaver
  22. Beautiful Music for Ugly Children by Kirstin Cronn-Mills
  23. A Boy Like Me by Jennie Wood
  24. The Other Boy by M.G. Hennessy
  25. Ugly by Robert Hoge
  26. A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara
  27. The Witch Elm: A Novel by Tana French
  28. Gradle Bird by J C Sasser
  29. The Odds of Loving Grover Cleveland by Rebeka Crane
  30. 10 Things I Can See From Here by Carrie Mac
  31. Lovely, Dark and Deep by Amy McNamara
  32. Crash and Burn by Michael Hassan
  33. Firesong by Adam Garnet Jones
  34. Fan Art by Sarah Tregay
  35. Ido in Autismland: Climbing Out of Autism’s Silent Prison by Ido Kedar
  36. In Two Worlds by Ido Kedar
  37. How Can I Talk If My Lips Don’t Move?: Inside My Autistic Mind by Tito Rajarshi Muthopadhyay
  38. The Mind Tree: A Miraculous Child Breaks the Silence of Autism by Tito Rajarshi Muthopadhyay
  39. The Electricity of Every Living Thing: One Woman’s Walk With Asperger’s by Katherine May
  40. The Autistic Alice by Joanna Limburg
  41. Spill Simmer Falter Wither by Sara Baume
  42. Girl, Stolen by April Henry
  43. This is Not a Love Scene by S.C. Megale
  44. Autism, the Invisible Cord: A Sibling’s Diary by Barbara Cain
  45. American Boy by Larry Watson
  46. Let Him Go: A Novel by Larry Watson
  47. The Crazy and the Damned: An OCD Memoir by Robert Lanni
  48. The Woman Who Thought Too Much: A Memoir by Joanne Limburg
  49. Pure by Rose Bretecher
  50. Is Fred in the Refrigerator?” Taming OCD and Reclaiming My Life by Shala Nicely
  51. Overcoming OCD: A Journey to Recovery by Janet Singer

Books I Want to Read; Part #32

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  1. Edinburgh by Alexander Chee
  2. Miao Dao (Dark Corners Collection) by Joyce Carol Oates
  3. The Inverted Forest: A Novel by John Dalton
  4. Currency of Souls: A Novel by Kealan Patrick Burke
  5. Fetch: How a Bad Dog Brought Me Home by Nicole J. Georges
  6. I Have Heard You Calling in the Night by Thomas Healy
  7. Zipper Mouth by Laurie Weeks
  8. The Leading Edge of Now by Marci Lyn Curtis
  9. The Book of Knowledge: A Novel by Doris Grumbach
  10. Dear Mr. M: A Novel by Herman Koch
  11. Summer House With Swimming Pool: A Novel by Herman Koch
  12. Aquarium by David Vann
  13. My Sunshine Away by M.O. Walsh
  14. We Are Called to Rise: A Novel by Laura McBride
  15. The Party by Elizabeth Day
  16. he Antiques: A Novel by Kris D’Agostino
  17. Closer: A Novel by Dennis Cooper
  18. Try by Dennis Cooper
  19. My Loose Thread by Dennis Cooper
  20. Willy by Robert Dunbar
  21. Grief: A Novel by Andrew Holleran
  22. Hopscotch: A Novel by Julio Cortazar
  23. Harold’s End by J.T. Leroy, illustrated by Cherry Hood
  24. Boys Like Us: Gay Writers Tell Their Coming-Out Stories, edited by Patrick Merla
  25. Before the Storm by Diana Cahmberlain
  26. Lion Cross Point by Masatsugu Ono
  27. The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness
  28. More Than This by Patrick Ness
  29. It Looks Like This by Rafi Mittlefehldt
  30. Never Do a Wrong Thing by Marcus Herzig
  31. Superhero by Eli Easton
  32. Can You Ever Forgive Me?: Memoirs of a Literary Forger by Lee Israel
  33. The Painted Veil by W. Somerset Maugam
  34. Goodbye, Sweet Girl: A Story of Domestic Violence and Survival by Kelly Sundberg
  35. The Spinning Heart: A Novel by Donal Ryan
  36. The Last King of Scotland by Giles Foden
  37. Honey for the Bears by Anthony Burgess
  38. The Wanting Seed by Anthony Burgess
  39. Earthly Powers by Anthony Burgess
  40. Tremor of Intent by Anthony Burgess
  41. The Doctor is Sick by Anthony Burgess
  42. Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck
  43. The Red Pony bu John Steinbeck
  44. The Pearl by John Steinbeck
  45. The Sorrows of Young Werther by Johann Goethe
  46. The Optimist’s Daughter by Eudora Welty
  47. Riddley Walker by Russell Hoban
  48. The Wishbones by Tom Perrotta
  49. Nine Inches: Stories by Tom Perrotta
  50. Bad Haircut: Stories from the Seventies by Tom Perrotta
  51. Prep: A Novel by Curtis Sittenfield
  52. Sisterland: A Novel by Curtis Sittenfield

Books I Want to Read; Part #31

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  1. I, Girl X: a novel in verse by Annalise Grey
  2. Jerkbait by Mia Siegert
  3. Without Tess by Marcella Pixley
  4. Sugar by Deirdre Riordan Hall
  5. A Trick of the Light by Lois Metzger
  6. Bogeywoman by Jaimy Gordon
  7. Saving Sammy: A Mother’s Fight to Cure Her Son’s OCD by Beth Alison Maloney
  8. Charlie Savage by Roddy Doyle
  9. The Deportees: And Other Stories by Roddy Doyle
  10. A Slant of Sun: One Child’s Courage by Beth Kephart
  11. Wicked Angel: A Novel by Taylor Caldwell
  12. The Bad Seed by William March
  13. Cure for the Common Universe by Christian McKay Herdicker
  14. Where Things Come Back by John Corey Whaley
  15. Surrender by Sonya Hartnett
  16. Now Is Everything by Amy Giles
  17. The Last to Let Go by Amber Smith
  18. Maud Martha by Gwendolyn Brooks
  19. If He Hollers Let Him Go by Chester Himes
  20. Day of the Locust by Nathanael West
  21. The Brief and Frightening Reign of Phil by George Saunders
  22. Lies, Knives, and Girls in Red by Ron Keortge
  23. Weetzie Bat by Francesca Lia Block
  24. Wasteland by Francesca Lia Block
  25. Breaking Night: A Memoir of Forgiveness, Survival, and My Journey from Homeless to Harvard by Liz Murray
  26. Count Us In: Growing Up with Down Syndrome by Jason Kingsley and Mitchell Levitz
  27. Nocturne of Remembrance by Shichiri Nakayama
  28. Shield of Straw by Kazuhiro Kiuchi
  29. Paprika by Yasutaka Tsutsui
  30. Dying to Know You: A Novel by Aidan Chambers
  31. The World I Live In and Optimism: A Collection of Essays by Helen Keller
  32. Dirt: A Novel by David Vann
  33. Teenage Suicide Notes: An Ethnography of Self-Harm by Terry Williams
  34. History of a Suicide: My Sister’s Unfinished Life by Jill Bialosky
  35. The Suicide Index: Putting My Father’s Death in Order by Joan Wickersham
  36. One of These Things First: A Memoir by Steven Gaines
  37. Sexing the Cherry by Jeanette Winterson
  38. Montana 1948: A Novel by Larry Watson
  39. Call Me the Breeze: A Novel by Patrick McCabe
  40. Mondo Desperado: A Serial Novel by Patrick McCabe
  41. Carn: A Novel by Patrick McCabe
  42. Tango: My Childhood, Backwards and in High Heels by Justin Vivian Bond
  43. How I Learned to Snap: A Small-Town Coming-of-Age and Coming-Out Story by Kirk Read
  44. Butterfly Boy: Memories of a Chicano Mariposa by Rigoberto Gonzalez
  45. Another Place You’ve Never Been: A Novel by Rebecca Kauffman
  46. The Giant’s House: A Romance by Elizabeth McCracken
  47. Dream With Little Angels by Michael Hiebert
  48. Little Bird of Heaven: A Novel by Joyce Carol Oates
  49. Sugar Land by Tammy Lynne Stoner
  50. gods with a little g: A Novel by Tupelo Hessman
  51. Scars by Cheryl Rainfield
  52. The Night of the Moonbow by Thomas Tryon
  53. Lady: A Novel by Thomas Tryon
  54. Night Magic: A Novel by Thomas Tryon
  55. Crowned Heads: A Novel by Thomas Tryon
  56. All That Glitters: A Novel by Thomas Tryon
  57. Soul/Mate by Joyce Carol Oates
  58. Snake Eyes by Joyce Carol Oates