Books I Want to Read; Part #327

Artwork by Leah Hopkins Henry
  1. The Improbable Life of Ricky Bird by Diane Connell
  2. Looking Glass Sound by Catriona Ward
  3. The House with Good Bones by T. Kingfisher
  4. The Destroyer of Worlds: A Return to Lovecraft Country by Matt Ruff
  5. Dead Eleven by Jimmy Juliano
  6. Mister Magic by Kiersten White
  7. The Handyman Method by Nick Cutter
  8. Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing by Matthew Perry
  9. PDA Paradox by Harry Thompson
  10. Improve: How I Discovered Improv and Conquered My Anxiety by Alex Graudins
  11. The Lunchling by Jay Alexander
  12. A Fractured Infinity by Nathan Tavares
  13. In the Key of Dale by Benjamin Lefebure
  14. The First to Die at the End by Adam Silvera
  15. The Second Cut by Louise Welsh
  16. Graveyard of Lost Children by Katrina Monroe
  17. Ponyboy by Eliot Duncan
  18. Rabbit Heart by Morgan Dante
  19. Open Throat by Henry Hoke
  20. Pedro & Daniel by Frederico Erebia
  21. Ellie Engle Saves Herself by Leah Johnson
  22. Dani Capello: Shadows of Men by M.S. Rocero
  23. Horse Barbie: A Memoir by Geena Rocero
  24. Different for Boys by Patrick Ness
  25. And Other Mistakes by Erika Turner
  26. Ronan and the Endless Sea of Stars: A Graphic Memoir by Rick Louis
  27. The Melody Trees: 10 Tales from the Forest by Helen Whistberry
  28. The Savage Beard of She Dwarf by Kyle Latino
  29. Looking for True by Tricia Springstubb
  30. Ruth by Guillem Viladot
  31. Night of the Living Trekkies by Kevin David Anderson
  32. She And Her Cat: Stories by Makoto Shinkai & Naruki Nagakawa
  33. Heads or Tails by Lilli Carre
  34. Boy, Missing by Sophie McKenzie
  35. Ayoade on Top by Richard Ayoade
  36. Ayoade on Ayoade: A Cinematic Odyssey by Richard Ayoade
  37. The Book No One Wanted to Read by Richard Ayoade
  38. The Grip of Film by Richard Ayoade
  39. The Double by Richard Ayoade
  40. Where the Deer and the Antelope Play by Nick Offerman
  41. The Sister Who Ate Her Brothers: And Other Gruesome Tales by Jen Campbell
  42. Earthling by Aisha Franz
  43. Depresso, or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Embrace Being Bonkers by Brick
  44. I Felt the End Before It Came by Daniel Allen Cox
  45. Basement of Wolves by Daniel Allen Cox
  46. Forever Home by Ron Danta & Danny Robertshaw
  47. Flowers of the Moon by Paul John Lyon
  48. The Girl Who Dreamed a War by Paul John Lyon
  49. The Bennington Boy by Paul John Lyon
  50. Blackheart by John Paul Lyon
  51. Spin by Rebecca Caprara
  52. Birthright by Charles Lambert
  53. For Lamb by Lesa Cline-Ransome
  54. All That Is Mine I Carry with Me by William Landay
  55. A Place for Us: A Memoir by Brandon J. Wolf
  56. A Child Alone with Strangers by Philip Fracassi
  57. Two Girls Down (Alice Vega, #1) by Louisa Luna
  58. The Janes (Alice Vega, #2) by Louisa Luna
  59. Hideout (Alice Vega, #3) by Louisa Luna
  60. Serious as a Heart Attack by Louisa Luna
  61. A Heart That Works by Rob Delaney
  62. Buzzing by Samuel Sattin
  63. Only This Beautiful Moment by Abdi Nazemian
  64. Gloria Buenrostro is Not My Girlfriend by Brandon Huang
  65. Walking Practice by Dolki Min
  66. How to Survive Everything by Ewan Morrison
  67. Weasels in the Attic by Hiroko Oyamada
  68. Tasha: A Son’s Memoir by Brian Morton
  69. The Whispering Dark by Kelly Andrew
  70. Mistress of Geese by Antonija Meznaric
  71. It Eats Us from the Inside by Antonija Meznaric
  72. The Despicable Fantasies of Quentin Sergenov by Preston Fassel
  73. Jennie’s Boy: A Newfoundland Childhood by Wayne Johnston
  74. This Is Where We Talk Things Out by Caitlyn Marceau
  75. Tumble by Celia C. Perez
  76. Bones & All by Camille DeAngelis
  77. Man Tiger by Eka Kurniawan

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